Dunkin' Donuts Prostitute Deserved Some 'Extra Sugar'

dunkin donutsWhen you hit up your local Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts for your morning cup of coffee, probably the last thing on your mind is layin' down your dough and getting more than you bargained for from that barista. Wink. Wink. It's just not the time or the place for that, right? Well, I guess that's news to a Dunkin' employee, who was recently busted for running a prostitution biz out of a DD shop on Route 46 in New Jersey.

Melissa Redmond is a 29-year-old from Mine Hill, New Jersey, who is being accused of "hawking sexual services to thirsty customers at a Rockaway Boro Dunkin' Donuts." She was arrested after a six-week sting took place, which was called "Operation Extra Sugar." Bhahahaha. While investigating the situation, cops posed as regular guys ordering decaf ... and soliciting sex.


Redmond told the faux customer/actual cop that if he wanted "a good time to call her" and gave him her phone number. Not too suspicious, right? But then, in the parking lot a while later, she came out and "offered a menu that had nothing to do with bagels and coffee." On another night, she even offered to lower her prices.

Personally, I think prostitution (the world's oldest profession!) should be legalized and regulated, but that's a whole different story. The weirder thing here is that I just don't see how Dunkin' and selling sex add up. I mean, is this a sign that DD should consider paying their employees more? (I'm sure slinging cups of joe earns someone like this woman minimum wage, no benefits, pennies for tips?) Or that working for the company is so BORING that employees are simply DRIVEN to turn tricks on the side of their doughnut trade? Hahaha.

Oh, who knows! One thing's for sure, though. This DD at least now has preeeeetttty sleazy buzz to live down. Customers probably aren't going to see their local DD the same way again! Then again ... the chain did already have a reputation for catering to men -- especially those in uniform -- at all hours of the day and night!

Would something like this change how you felt about your local Dunkin' Donuts?


Image via Paul Downey/Flickr

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