'Rocco's Dinner Party' Recap: Tastes Like Licking Bathroom Tile

Raven-SymoneTonight on Rocco's Dinner Party, it was all about the gastropub. The two competing chefs were asked to prepare a dinner party for Rocco DiSpirito's guests with a gastropub theme, which means taking simple and often traditionally British ingredients and elevating them. One chef just elevated things a little too much.

Janet was the trained, cocky chef with all the tricks in her apron. She served fancy things like bone marrow and a rose mascarpone cloud for dessert. Kevin was a down-to-earth, self-taught ex-Marine who put any pretenses aside and just went for solid, simple fare like liver and onions and fish and chips.


The last-minute twist was that one guest didn't eat beef or pork, so the chefs scrambled to create alternate dishes for her, who just so happened to be Raven-Symone. Side note: I knew she'd lost a lot of weight, but wow does she look amazing. She claimed to be a chicken-turkey-fish-aterian, and both chefs accommodated her quite well given the time constraints. The vegetarian version of the bone marrow looked much better to me, but then I'm not a big one for bone marrow. She didn't seem to find it funny at all when a fellow guest said, "That's so Raven" after something she said.

It looked like Kevin lost the competition due to a $20,000 piece of saffron, as he called it. Basically, he added too much of the stuff, which overpowered the dish. When one guest said it reminded her of licking bathroom tile, it seemed to be the end of the line for him, but the rest of his dishes ended up carrying him.

Janet's big mistake, according to Rocco, was overthinking her food. She tried so hard to impress with her technique and knowledge that she didn't focus enough on what people enjoy eating. I hate that. I also hated how cocky and condescending she was to Kevin, so I was glad to see him win. He seemed shocked.

What's the worst cooking mistake you've made when preparing food for guests? Do you like gastropub food?

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