7 Fun Food Ideas to Make Your Wedding One-of-a-Kind

wedding cupcakesPlanning a wedding? Forget the canapes and poached salmon. Wedding planners are starting to get a little more fun and a lot more creative when it comes to catering. What are the latest trends in wedding food? Hopefully nothing old, lots of new, something borrowed -- from a barn -- and something blue -- like a Popsicle!


Food trucks -- Brooklyn couple Amy and Michael had their wedding catered by Rickshaw Dumplings, Schnitzel & Things, and Country Boys (tacos). The grub was wildly popular with the guests and actually relatively easy on the bride's and groom's wallets.

Picnic lunch -- Los Angeles couple Rebecca and Derek sent their guests off to the park on cruiser bikes and then served a picnic lunch in baskets. Then the guests rode to a local ice cream shop for ice cream sandwiches.

The ethical menu -- Will and Kate (aka Royal Couple #1) went local and sustainable for their wedding reception. Same with Royal Couple #2: When Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock wed, Chef Alain Ducasse sourced all the ingredients from within a 6-mile radius of Monaco. When Chelsea Clinton got married, not only did she go locavore, it was also vegetarian.

Farm wedding -- Along those same lines, and closer to the average non-royal person's budget, there is the farm wedding. Whether it's a strawberry farm or a pear and apple orchard, half of your food is already there! Get on the local/sustainable wagon; resistance is futile.

Wedding cupcakes -- Some couples are skipping the wedding cake and going for something easier and less formal: cupcakes. Arranged on a tier, they make for an elegant presentation. You can see some fun ideas via Cupcakes Take the Cake. But look out, cupcakes. I hear wedding whoopie pies are catching up.

Casual -- Wedding food is lightening up with food that's anything but stuffy -- including comfort food, Popsicles, popcorn, and old-fashioned candy. These mini burgers were served with sides of ketchup cups with just a few fries in each. Cute! 

Mini, not meal -- Cupcakes, sliders, and dumplings are all part of a larger wedding food trend: small bites instead of full meals. Caterers all over are reporting that rather than serve a large, sit-down meal, they're getting requests for hors d'oeuvres. Even Kate & Will went little.

What's the best wedding food you've eaten lately?

Image via Shauna Younge Dessert Tables/Flickr

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