First Look at New Food Show Will Make Soap Opera Fans Even Angrier

the chewSoap opera fans have been outraged ever since ABC announced it was cancelling long running soaps All My Children and One Life to Live and replacing them with new daytime shows, including a new food-themed talk show called The Chew. (It's not like I blame them for being upset: Mario Batali -- one of the show's five co-hosts -- is awesome, but he's a far cry from a gorgeous soap star.) And the release of the new trailer for the show will likely do little to appease them.


The entirety of the new trailer for The Chew can be viewed on the show's Facebook page -- take a look.

As you can see from the clip, the show looks way too caffeinated and cheesy -- even for food TV junkies like me. Sure, the hosts are great: Batali, chef Michael Symon, nutrition expert Daphne Oz, Clinton Kelly, and Top Chef star Carla Hall. But I watch the Food Network and other cooking shows for the recipes and the food porn -- not for gentle bantering about "food, nutrition, pop culture, family, and innovative things in the world" interspersed with giggling and goofiness. There's just something about the clip that's a little too cumbaya for comfort.

For a prime example, here's Hall (and her puff):

All of us have families, and The Chew's table is going to extend so far beyond the five us that there's going to be a Chew table all over the country. It's going to be just one big happy family.


Of course, soap operas are light and fluffy in and of themselves; The Chew is just another form of brain candy. The difference, however, is that soaps have a built-in audience who have intense loyalty and passion for their shows because they grew up watching them. The Chew, on the other hand, is starting from scratch.

Is it just me, or will The Chew be difficult for soap opera fans to swallow?


Image via ABC

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