Whole Foods Employee Writes Most Rage-Filled Resignation Letter Ever

whole foods bagI like to think of Whole Foods' employees as being peaceful, laid-back, happy, and zen-like given that they're surrounded by fresh food and natural, organic products all day. But it's situations like the following one that remind me that sometimes their jobs are not so different than the rest of us.

A disgruntled Whole Foods employee at a store in Toronto sent an epic resignation letter to the entire company last week detailing everything he hated about working there. And, given that he had worked for the company for five years, he had no shortage of complaints. For the most part, his tirade is pretty hilarious, but every so often, you've got to wonder:

What happened to this poor guy to make him so angry?


The letter begins credibly enough with a long list of the many hypocrisies inherent in the Whole Foods experience; specifically, this guy is enraged that the company blatantly goes against its "core values" with the following practices:

  • Refusing to recycle.
  • Throwing out a large amount of food.
  • Not auditing/evaluating every product it sells.
  • Wasting money and resources on advertising and bureaucracy.

And the list of transgressions goes on and on. Truth be told none of them are actually surprising -- we've heard the frustrating accusations before that Whole Foods doesn't always use ethical sourcing, etc. What is surprising is how irate this guy is about it.

And then the letter takes a turn for the nasty when he names several other co-workers and details their many, many character flaws. Here's a sampling of some of the people he addresses personally and way too honestly:

You confuse the hell out of me. Sometimes you seem like a reasonable person and then sometimes you refuse to support your employees and in some cases even treat them quite terribly. Unfortunately, you've been hanging out mostly in Terrible Person territory lately. You're not welcome there!

He's not mincing words with this one, either:

I haven't met a single person working under you or who has worked under you who doesn't loath the way you treat people. May I suggest some acting classes? You're not very good at pretending to be a complete, emotional, sincere human being.

And, this one is particularly brutal:

How you haven't been fired by now is a massive mystery to, not just me, but many people. You probably belong in a psychiatric ward. If you didn't have such a constant negative impact on everyone around you I might just feel sorry for you.

(Read the rest of the letter on Gawker.) Sure, we all get fed up with our jobs once in a while, but this guy sounds truly traumatized by his (now former) job. Is Whole Foods really that bad of a place to work or is this guy maybe overreacting just a little?


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