How to Choose the Right Refrigerator

refrigeratorThe following is a post from our sponsor, LG.

There are many factors that go into purchasing your family’s new refrigerator. We’ve broken down the key things to look for, in hopes of making the process less daunting and more appealing.


Need a fridge with more room inside? Today’s refrigerators offer more space than ever, so you can fit your entire grocery list — with room to spare.


Every LG refrigerator comes loaded with a host of innovative features designed to make storing and finding your food easier than ever. LG’s Slim SpacePlus™ icemaker frees up more shelf space inside the refrigerator and allows even more space for door bins to help keep you organized. Also, the 3-Tier Organization™ Freezer system, one of LG’s newest innovations in French door refrigerators, is perfect for prioritizing what's in your freezer so you can find anything fast.

Door Styles:

Finding the right refrigerator door style for you and the right door swing for your space will improve the efficiency of your kitchen. Choose from the following door styles: French door, side by side, bottom freezer, or top freezer.

Color Choices:

Whether you’re looking to match the other appliances in your kitchen or going for a brand new look, you’ll have to decide which refrigerator color is right for you. Choose from LG’s stainless steel, white, or black refrigerators.

Ice/Water dispensers:
The water- and ice-dispensers in LG’s French door refrigerator are some of the tallest around, perfect for accommodating a summer picnic pitcher or a post workout water bottle.


LG’s Smart Cooling Plus technology keeps the refrigerator’s temperature and humidity at the right levels to keep food fresher, longer. Say goodbye to those veggies you toss or throw down the disposable. And say hello to saving money.


A refrigerator is only as good as the motor that runs it. Our state-of-the-art linear compressor is proven reliable and is just one of the reasons why so many LG refrigerators are Energy Star compliant — and at least 20 percent more energy-efficient than government standards. It is so reliable that we back it with a 10-year warranty.

What features do you look for when choosing a new refrigerator?

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