Applebee's Sweet Gesture to Cancer Patient Will Make You Weep


Even if Applebee's isn't your favorite restaurant in the world, you've got to admit that what staff at one location did for a man with terminal brain cancer is pretty wonderful.

The cancer patient and his wife wanted to celebrate him being alive 500 days after being diagnosed -- but they didn't have a lot of money. A third party who knew of their situation contacted the local Applebee's, and management initially agreed to comp part of their meal -- one appetizer and entree. But they ended up going above and beyond that promise ...


The couple not only got their entire meal for free and special recognition from the staff, but they also got a night they'll never forget. Check out this excerpt from the letter the wife of the man with cancer wrote to Applebee's headquarters to thank the company for the experience:

I wish to truly thank you all for giving us the chance to have a nice evening free of worry. We were able to talk, enjoy the company, and smile. Not only did the two managers come and introduce themselves to us, the waitstaff was quite attentive and the meal itself was absolutely pleasant ...

The sweetest surprise came when the evening manager not only came over to congratulate my husband on being alive, but that our entire dinner was on the house.

I hope that this small note of appreciation can convey just how much it meant in our lives for that free meal. You have given the two of us a memory of a good time - a time away from the cancer that permeates every bit of our day ...

(You can read the read the rest of the thank you note on The Consumerist.)

The line about the "memory of a good time" and the thought of the couple being free from worry -- if only for one night -- makes me a little teary every time I read it. Clearly, this sweet gesture was about much more than a free meal: It was about acknowledging and celebrating life and remembering to be thankful for all the things we have -- both big and small. There's nothing like a comped meal at Applebee's to give life a little perspective, don't you agree?


Image via Mrs. Flinger/Flickr

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