'Rocco's Dinner Party' Recap: The Loser Is Actually the Winner

natalie rocco's dinner partyTonight on Rocco's Dinner Party, we got to know over-the-top biscotti baker and mother of five Natalie Stone. And we got to know her well. Quick facts: She's loud, cooks with love, has no real filter, and oh, did I mention she's uber-loud?

Over the course of the episode, Stone worked toward impressing Celebrihottie Rocco DiSpirito. Although her dishes may not have looked the best (read: sloppy messes), Rocco admitted he was astonished with her flavors. And in the head-to-head battle with the other finalist, Brooklyn chef Vanessa Cantave, she surely came out of the gate packing a punch:

"The other chefs, they're gonna see me as this housewife with five kids who doesn't know what the heck she's doing. But let me tell ya something -- they should be scared because they don't know what I'm capable of. No one knows what I'm capable of."

Don't worry, there's more where that came from. Check out my 6 favorite Natalie-isms from tonight's episode of Rocco's Dinner Party:


When it comes to fancy kitchen gadgets:

"I just want my old Cuisinart, ya know?"

When Rocco asks if she can calm down for his guests on the big night:

"Yes, I do things silently for the higher good of others."

When it came to how she wanted her room designed, she had plenty of opinions:

"[I want it to look] romantic but not in the lover-y kind of way ... woman's bedroom-y, soft, like when you squeeze a mushy a**. Decadent ... and almost gluttonous but not in a Henry VIII turkey leg sort of way. And I want fruits and things that look succulent, like a fat guy nude or something and a fat chunky lady on the wall."

Her goal for her guests, which included Julie & Julia author Julie Powell and comedian Michael Ian Black:

"I'm gonna feed people, and I wanna make them feel good."

When Vanessa refused to taste her food:

"When you refuse a Sicilian's food, it's like spitting in her eye. It's just rude."

I just love every ounce of her outrageous nature, even if her voice is borderline Fran Drescher. The kicker: The way she talks about food, you can tell she has such love for her craft. Unfortunately for Nat, however, love wasn't enough to take home the win. On her departure:

"I feel like 'Oh god looossseeeerrrrr.' I'm disappointed but I still think that I did a good job and held my own. I made a magnificent meal for Rocco DiSpirito and his six celebrity guests. I am a winner."

Ahhhhh, a true mother's mentality.

Did you watch tonight's episode of Rocco's Dinner Party? What did you think of Natalie?

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