New Lady Beer Brings Out My Un-Ladylike Side


animee beerMolson Coors is introducing a new beer in the U.K. called Animee crafted specifically for women, and the product description sounds utterly repulsive. It comes in three light-tasting flavors -- clear-filtered, crisp rosé, and zesty lemon -- and here's the news that's supposed to make me and all the ladies jump up and down with glee: It's bloat-resistant! *High-pitched squeal!*

Maybe this will come as news to the big brewing companies, but just because I'm female doesn't mean I like to drink crappy beer.

Perhaps I'm being too harsh by throwing a term like "crappy" around willy-nilly. But I'm having a difficult time finding other descriptors for a beer that's light, pink, and fruity. Not to mention the fact I'm feeling singled out that my preference for a good "manly" beer that actually may be amber or, dare I say, deep black in color makes me less of a woman and, apparently ... gassy.

According to the press release, Molson Coors' goal with Animee beer is to "remove the gender imbalance that exists around beer consumption and make beer an aspirational choice for women." It's a worthy goal to be sure. But I can think of more productive ways to accomplish this. As Melissa Cole -- who tasted the three new varieties and declared the lemon to be "undrinkable" -- so eloquently suggested in the Guardian: Unisex ads and marketing may interest women more than the current ones, which rely solely on bikini-clad models or boobs to sell beer. Or, how about putting energy into more products like Amstel Light (beer that has less calories but still tastes good)? I know a ton of females (and men, too) that would be definitely be into that.

Bottom-line: There are plenty of ways to get more women to drink more beer. But pretty labels and inferior taste aren't going to cut it. Now, if you'll excuse me ... *BURP*.


Image via Molson Coors

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kelli... kelli0585

Did you know that "light" beers were originally marketed towards women?  Men were considered pansies for drinking it.  Light beers marketed towards men are a relatively new thing.

And now they're trying to get Mike's Hard Lemonade into the masculine market.

Perhaps the introduction of this type of beer is a new thing.  Women may be the "test" subjects.  This too shall pass.  

nonmember avatar Elle

Agreed!!! Frankly, pass me a Sam Adams....if I were scared of the calories, I would have a salad at dinner, not skimp on flavor with my brew!!

momto... momtothemax2910

When I want a beer, I drink beer. Calories are irrelevant.

ceciliam ceciliam

I would probably try it:)

nonmember avatar A

I like Lone Star Light or Bud Light. Regular non-light beer fills me up too much and I can't drink as many. My husband and I go through a 12 pack together @ least once a week. Fun times. *burp*

ethan... ethans_momma06

Well.... lets see if it sells or not.

Cheryl_M Cheryl_M

What I want to try is the pre-mixed margaritas that are out now. I'm allergic to hops, so beer is right out for me - unless there's someone I really hate around and I want to "accidentally" puke on their shoes!

daerc... daerca574

I'll stick with my McSorleys!

clean... cleanaturalady

I'd have to taste it before I gave it the thumbs up or down. 

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