Chocolate Truffles Dethrone Cupcakes as Most Annoying Dessert

chocolate trufflesEveryone loves cupcakes, of course. Still, the glut of cupcakes -- in bakeries, on food blogs, at birthday parties -- can really get annoying at times. Several dessert trends have threatened to unseat cupcakes as the world's most ubiquitous dessert: first, there was pie, later, the doughnut. Now, a new sweet treat is infiltrating the culinary landscape. Prepare yourself for chocolate truffle overload!


Here's the evidence: A company called Xan Confections has introduced an intriguing new product: high-quality dark chocolate truffles that claim to ease the pain of PMS. Sounds a little suspect, right? But here's the thing: CocoPMS truffles contain two anti-inflammatory compounds -- chasteberry and bilberry -- which are said to help to reduce stomach cramps and headaches. Hey, any excuse to eat chocolate, right?

And, that's not all. The "healthy" line from Xan Confections also includes CocoHeart, which claims to help maintain a healthy heart, and CocoPreggers, which contains extra folic acid and omega-3 fatty acid to benefit pregnant women.

When you consider the many, many (alleged) health benefits of chocolate -- helping to maintain body weight, enhancing the memory and concentration, strengthening the immune system, just to name a few -- it's easy to see how "healthy" chocolate truffles like the ones mentioned above could become very, very popular. Add to that the fact that truffles are like cupcakes in that they are adorable, bite-sized, and delicious, and it appears that we could have another out-of-control dessert trend on our hands!

But is having an excuse -- to improve our health -- to eat tasty adorable chocolate balls really something to complain about? The silver lining of chocolate truffles taking over the world should be more than obvious.

Do you like chocolate truffles?


Image via poppet with a camera/Flickr

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