Asparagus You Snort Like Cocaine Really Blows

asparagusThe idea was meant to be fun, novel, tongue-in-cheek, and exciting: A powder made from asparagus that smells the same and can be snorted in lines like cocaine.

Bubble Food catering company serves the "party powder" in a line on a mirror along with a (fake) rolled up $100 bill; guests sniff the powder and undergo a playful sensory experience. The caterers insist they created the unusual dish to wow and entertain guests at their events and create some buzz. But, at least for now anyway, it seems to be attracting a lot more negative attention than anything.


If you can believe it, there are actually critics who maintain that snorting lines of asparagus powder glamorizes cocaine use and could be a gateway to illegal drugs. Here's anti-narcotics crusade Lucy Dawe explaining the grave dangers of party powder:

Personally, I think it's very irresponsible. People might think it's a huge joke but to me it's a very dangerous precedent to set. It's extremely provocative ... It does risk bringing more and more people into contact with drugs, a world where there's nothing but misery waiting for them.

asparagus powderBut poor Lucy Dawe is missing the whole point completely. Asparagus powder isn't a bad idea because it's dangerous; in fact, sniffing powdered food has been done for a while now and there's no evidence linking it or other forms of molecular gastronomy to increased illegal drug abuse. Rather, it's simply a bad idea because it's SNIFFABLE ASPARAGUS. And I can count on one hand the number of people I know who actually think asparagus smells good.

Now, I know what the Bubble Food people are going to say: That the low acidity in asparagus makes it one of the few foods that can be prepared in sniffable form. But just because you can doesn't mean you should. I'd like to see more energy put into snortable chocolate cake powder or McDonald's French fries powder.

Then and only then will I entertain worries about increased illegal drug use.

Would you snort asparagus?

Images via StuartWebster/Flickr; Bubble Food

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