Introduce Chef Boyardee Recipes to the Table for 'Almost Homemade' Meals the Whole Family Will Enjoy

chef boyardee mealThe following is a post from our sponsor, Chef Boyardee.

Chef Boyardee has been a venerable kid favorite for decades. Perhaps it was one of your favorite childhood meals? Now Chef Boyardee has a number of simple and delicious kid-approved recipes that will make mealtime fun (and wholesome) for your entire family. The new recipes feature favorite Chef Boyardee -- with a full serving of vegetables and seasoned ground beef in certain varieties -- as the chief ingredient in meals inspired by such family classics as lasagna, pizza, and chili. 


In addition to a taste the whole family will love, Chef Boyardee “almost homemade” recipes can be prepared in 30 minutes or less, which is great news for today’s busy families. And with a taste that kids of all ages enjoy, you can rest assured that your Chef Boyardee-inspired meals will satisfy those picky eaters and everyone else at the table too. 

You can find the family-friendly recipes for Taco-roni, Ravioli Lasagna, Pepperoni Spaghetti Bake, Cheeseburger-roni, and Chili-roni at, where you can review and rate the recipe as well. And remember to visit our Chef Boyardee Facebook page too at

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