Killer Spider Loose in Supermarket Terrorizes Shoppers

spiderIf big, hairy spiders freak you out, you're going to want to pass to the next post because this one is frightening. A grocery store employee in Germany was unloading bananas from a crate when a giant spider (about 5 inches long) jumped out and ran under a shelf. Some Internet research revealed the spider was actually a Brazilian Wandering Spider -- one of the most venomous and aggressive spiders in the world. In fact, just one bite from this beast can lead to breathing problems, paralysis, and even death.

This thing was loose! And running around the supermarket!


The supermarket was immediately evacuated, and a team of 30 people including the police searched the shelves for the spider -- but to no avail. The only thing left to do, then, was call in pest control and spray the entire store with pesticide in an effort to kill the killer insect.

Now, authorities are reporting that the spider is presumed to be dead, but still no body has been found. Which means that the spider could still be there lurking among the bananas waiting for its next unsuspecting victim or -- worse -- roaming the streets of the German town looking to attack!

The supermarket is planning to reopen on Monday. But given that 1) there may or may not be a murderous spider inside and 2) the entire food store has been soaked in poison (although management has made sure to advertise that all perishable food was discarded), it may be a smart idea to steer clear of that store for a while. Do you agree?


Image via cheetah100/Flickr

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