Wine in a Pouch? I'd Tap That

wine in a pouchAdmittedly, I wasn't so crazy about the idea of drinking wine from a plastic bottle. But drinking wine from a pouch is a different story altogether.

The people who make Clif Bars -- those popular, organic energy bars that actually taste pretty good -- also own a winery, and they've rolled out a new Climber Pouch ($17) to make it convenient and easy for people to drink wine on the go.

It's sort of similar to those Capri Sun pouches you drank as a kid, except these are filled with an adult beverage and have a sealable tap so that the wine stays fresh up to a month after opening. I'm assuming it probably won't be the highest quality of Cabernet or Chardonnay you ever sampled -- but that's not really the point now, is it?


Maybe it's just because it comes from a company (Clif) that's so synonymous with adventure and energetic lifestyles, but there's something about this product that makes me want to shed all my snobby wine pretensions and throw this pouch in my tote bag on my next trip to the beach.

Because here's the thing about wine in a pouch: It's not pretending to be something else. It's not a cheap way to get a fix (box wine). Neither is it masquerading as fine wine and trying to cozy up to fancy oenophiles (plastic wine bottles). It's just something fun and easy to bring along for the ride whether you're camping, boating, hiking, or having a picnic on the beach. The fact that it has a significantly lower carbon footprint and creates less waste than two glass bottles makes it all go down that much easier.

Of course, we'll have to watch to see if down the road Clif tries to suggest that, say, the Climber Pouch Cab pairs exceptionally well with a Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Clif Bar -- and call them out on that BS. But so far the coast is clear.

Would you drink wine from a pouch?

Image via Climber Pouch

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