Ice Cream for Dinner Anyone? Me, Please

Black sesame seaweed over mixed veggies
Black sesame seaweed over mixed veggies
A heat wave just steamrolled through town this week and flattened me with its searing death rays. It was all I could do to raise my fist at the sky and say, "That's it! We're having ice cream for dinner." 

Unhealthy, you say? Well hold onto your spoons, because a cafe in my neighborhood is selling ice cream flavors like mixed organic vegetables and black sesame and seaweed. Even Michelle Obama would approve.


That's right, seaweed in my ice cream. And vegetables. I know it sounds gross, but they're both delicious ... if a little bit weird. The veggie ice cream with its carrots, kale, broccoli, and lemon juice tasted just like a veggie smoothie in ice cream form -- a wee bit tart, but refreshing. 

Ice cream as your main meal? Why not! I started looking around and noticing more ice cream shops are putting dinner-like ingredients into the mix. Guess we're getting bored with plain old chocolate-covered potato chips and caramel?

squid ink ice creamThe Japanese call it ikasumi, but to you and me, it's squid ink ice cream. Or, as we say in America, ewwww! You can also find crab, eggplant, and octopus ice cream in Japan. I hear Oscar the Grouch is a real fan.





garlic ice creamCephalopod ice cream too much for you? Don't worry, here in America we stick with the basics, like garlic ice cream. Um, maybe there's a reason why the serving is so small?






blue cheeseSalt & Straw in Portland, Oregon, serves up scoops of Pear With Blue Cheese, Honey Balsamic Strawberry With Cracked Black Pepper, all to be washed down with their Brown Ale With Bacon ice cream.




lobsterBen & Bill's in Bar Harbor, Maine, looks like ye olde harmless tourist candy store, but yaaarg! They're selling lobster ice cream. Maybe with a drizzle of butter and served on a bun it would taste just like an icy lobster roll.








pumpkin violet gelatoPumpkin and violet gelato -- yay or nay? Violet was the more bizarre of the two, says a brave soul who tried them calling herself "Miss Karen."







lolas on iceA couple years ago Morfudd Richards was driving her psychedelic "Lola on Ice" van through London selling pea and wasabi sorbet and gin and tonic ice cream. It doesn't look like the van is still running, but you can get her cookbook, Lola's Ice Creams and Sundaes (with beets!).





dominion ice creamMaryland ice cream company Dominion has built an entire "Eat Your Vegetables Ice Cream" line. Flavors include Spinach, Carrot, Red Cabbage, and Sweet Potato. I don't know how they taste, but they were voted into the 2007 Best of Baltimore.






Would you eat any of these ice creams for dinner?

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