Proof the Pippa Middleton Obsession Is Out to Lunch (PHOTO)

pippa middleton crumpet artBy now, you're well aware that Pippa Middleton has one incredibly beloved, internationally famous booty. But did you know that it's so adored that it's now been made into EDIBLE ART? Oh yes, true story! The obsession is now literally out to lunch, err, breakfast. The image of Pippa's world-renowned face and backside have been crafted out of 15,000 crumpets and more than 100 jars of jam (for the shadowing). For those of you who aren't crazy Anglophiles (like me), a crumpet is a "favourite" snack in the U.K., a small, flat English muffin-like bread, and you can spread jam or butter on it and eat it with your tea. It's delicious. And apparently, even more delicious when it's used to fashion the Duchess of Cambridge's sister. 

It took 24 hours for artist Laura Hadland and more than a dozen people to construct the enormous food-based mosaics. Wow, crazy, right??


But don't assume Hadland just decided to do this on a whim, or because she's all about Pippa. The artwork seemed to have been commissioned by Beefeater Grill, a U.K. restaurant firm. The company polled 2,000 people asking which female celeb Britons would most like to "wake up to breakfast with." How quaint! Hahah, can you just see us here in America asking the same question? No way! 

When Kate's sis won, David Murdin, from Beefeater Grill, said:

Sadly, we may not be able to guarantee Pippa as part of our breakfast offering to guests but feel confident they'll enjoy our very own tasty crumpets and spreads, nonetheless.

Bahahah! Well, at the very least, customers will be able to enjoy the Pippa eye candy ... er, crumpets.

What do you think of this food art?


Image via Beefeater/Splash News

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