Michelle Obama Falls Off the Healthy Eating Wagon: Guess Where

michelle obamaMichelle Obama, aka the First Lady of Fitness, was recently caught chowing down on a whopping 1,700-calorie meal from New York's famed Shake Shack. What did it entail? Oh, you know, a cheeseburger, fries, a Diet Coke, and a chocolate milkshake. Damn. Mrs. O. likes her nom-noms. Perhaps she had a late night the day before, 'cause that sounds like some hangover food right there.

I know what you all are thinking right now. "Oh, I thought Michelle was supposed to be all into health, etc." She is, so hush up! That woman is the picture of physical fitness. If she wants to have a burger and fries once in a great while, she has every right to.

It's something else that's bothering me about this whole thing ...


Shake Shack closed down for the First Lady when she went to get her eat on. Yeah, yeah, I get the whole "security" thing, but she flat-out did not get the Shake Shack experience. And I know from ... experience. 

For those of you who don't live in New York, let me tell you a little something about Shake Shack -- the line is huge. No, HUGE. The one I've been to -- the original -- is a little stand in the middle of Madison Square Park and there's a line that wraps all the way around the park. Like this:

shack shakeDo you see all those people? You see how far away they are? That's because I'm way back at the end of the line. I waited for about an hour.

Crazy, right? But let me tell you, when I got to the front of that line to order my goods -- holy God -- was it worth it. They could have served me a pigeon on a stick at that point and I would have devoured it whole. But they didn't. They served me a juicy patty on a buttered bun. With extra Shack sauce. It was so glorious a single tear rolled down my cheek, only to be wiped away by a ketchup-stained napkin.

Point is, Michelle didn't get this experience. She just waltzed in all First Lady-like and, boom, had her burger. You're missing out, Michelle. Trust me.

That said, I'm still glad she got a chance to indulge in some greasy, fried food for once. 'Cause with her bangin' bod, you know she doesn't eat it often. Do you, Michelle.

What do you think of Michelle Obama eating unhealthy food?



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