World's Tiniest Pub Better Not Start a New Trend

british phone boothSure, we Americans like to drink, but take pubs away from the Brits, and it won't be pretty. But it could be cute. When their local pub was closed down, villagers in Shepreth, Cambridgeshire set up The Dog and Bone alehouse in a charming old phone booth. (You know, the fun red ones that only exist across the pond.) The phone booth's floor is only 3 feet by 3 feet, but they made it work. A carpenter built a triangular bar for the barman (or woman, as it were) to stand behind, and drinkers lined up outside to order their brews.

Not only were the owners of the tiny pub trying to prove that the town needs a bar, but the stunt was also an attempt to break a world record for smallest bar and land in The Guinness Book of World Records. It was only open for one night and was a success, but I'm not sure this is an idea that should really take off, you know?


I love drinking al fresco as much as the next person, but do we really need makeshift bars cropping up all over the place? Can you just imagine -- a hot new club opening up in your town park gazebo? A man sitting in an old USPS mailbox serving out of a keg? Now, that probably wouldn't be very good for the neighborhood, eh?

But I do strongly agree with these Shepreth folks that they deserve at least one village pub in town. You know, in a building, with a door on it, so people who want to drink up can come and go and meet up with people who "know their name" a la Cheers. No town is complete without a local watering hole. Hopefully, it doesn't have to be a kiosk in the middle of town.

What do you think about this tiny pub? Do you agree every town needs at least one watering hole where friends can meet up?


Image via Elliott Brown/Flickr

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