What Does Chocolate Sound Like? Take a Listen (VIDEO)

chocolate record

You've really got to see it -- and hear it! -- to believe it: A baker in Scotland has made an edible record made of chocolate. And guess what? It doesn't just look like a 7-inch single, it plays music, too!

What does chocolate music sound like? Let's take a listen ...



Using chocolate in clever ways to make weird items isn't a new development: In fact, we've seen clothes, shoes, business cards, cars, even hotel rooms made of chocolate. But what makes this particular item so special is that the baker was able to replace vinyl with chocolate -- and it actually played a song (although the sound quality isn't perfect, but it's more about the novelty than the actual function).

Plus, you've got to admire this dude's perseverance: Once he decided that he wanted to make a chocolate record for his friends' band, The Found, it took several tries before he created something that was actually playable. As you can see in the video, on his first attempt, the song actually played in reverse; but that only motivated him to try again. It wasn't until the band's record label gave him a press used to mold vinyl into records that his efforts proved successful.

The Scottish band has since released a limited series of edible chocolate vinyls for their new single, "Anti Climb Paint," and shot a video for the song right in the chocolate bakery. The funniest part in the video is that after the band listens to their song, they eat their record (even the paper label was edible).

Suddenly, I'm looking at my vinyl collection in a whole new light ...

What's the coolest thing you've ever seen made of chocolate?


Image via STV Programmes

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