Restaurant Snub of Casey Anthony Jurors Sets Record for Worst Service Ever

chili casey anthony signA chili restaurant in Clearwater, Florida is exploiting the controversy surrounding this week's Casey Anthony verdict by banning the 12 jurors at the trial via a tacky, handwritten sign on the door.

Of course, we're all entitled to our own opinion with respect to the case, but this unwelcome message -- at a place of service nonetheless! -- is taking things way too far.


Here's John McClure, owner of Skyline Chili, explaining the sentiment behind the sign:

I put that sign on there to voice my opinion. They may come in here, but I might not know who they are ... All of my employees felt the same way. When we heard the verdict, we were shocked.

But it doesn't take a genius to see what's really going on here. The purpose of the sign isn't to keep the jurors out: After all, the owner just said so himself that he won't be able to tell if one of them should happen to ignore the sign and come into the restaurant. Rather, it's to curry favor with the many, many potential customers who thought Anthony was guilty and were upset by the verdict (that's pretty much everyone on the Internet, right?) and bring in business to the restaurant.

In which case, this might go down in history as the most shameless PR stunt ever. Hey, whatever gets people to eat chili in Florida during the dead of summer, right?

Would a sign like this make you want to eat chili?


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