Bloody 'Ell: McDonald's Debuts Weird English Pub Burger

mcdonalds pub burgerNot actual McD Pub Burger -- wish it was!Let me give you a few ingredients and you tell me what country comes to mind: Angus beef, artisan roll, American cheese, bacon, white cheddar cheese, grilled onions, steak sauce, and Dijon mustard. They sound totally American, right? Well riddle me this: these are the ingredients of the new McDonald's English Pub Burger.

There is nothing about this that sounds remotely British to me (shouldn't the words "shepherd" and "pie" be involved?), but bloody hell, it sounds delicious nonetheless, ay mate?

The McDonald's English Pub aaaahahahhahahaha. I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing when I think about how they're calling it an English Pub Burger! Anyway, OK. The McDonald's English (giggle!) Pub Burger (giggle giggle!) won't be available all across our nation, just in some places where McD's thinks people are kinda slow. For example:


Illinois and Texas. The English Pub Burger is currently being tested in certain Illinois cities, and is rumored to be heading south to Texas later this summer. So I can only assume that McDonald's thinks that folks in IL and TX aren't smart enough to realize that the supposed English burger is entirely, meatily, happily American, right? Wow, people-in-those-states, you really going to take that?

I'm a fan of anything McDonald's (although I had Wendy's for lunch, sorry!), so I'm really not hating on them, just a little curious where the whole name for the burger came from. Any Brits out there that can shed some light? Do you guys think that American cheese and bacon on a burger is your invention?

I heard a really awesome rumor that beers are being introduced into more fast food restaurants across America, and that sounds terrific. If I could get a pint and a fake English Pub Burger, I might allow the whole British connection. I'll have to wait for such a dream to come true though -- the booze is only being market tested by Burger King (blasphemy!) in south Florida. Can't we all get on the same page?

What do you think of the English Pub Burger?

Photo via Simon Dogget/Flickr

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