Chuck E. Cheese Changes Its Most Upchuckable Recipe

chuck e cheeseIn case you needed another reason to just loooove Chuck E. Cheese's: The venerable sticky-floored children's institution has decided to revamp its pizza recipe. Yummerdoodles! Go for the loud noises, screaming children, cheap toys, and weird mechanical bears ... stay for the new and improved gourmet pizza. I can't wait.

I remember the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese's being absolutely vomitous, and I wasn't even a picky eater. I ate sidewalk chalk, for crying out loud. So it's about time the Cheese higher-ups decided to start using fresh ingredients instead of frozen, and 100 percent natural mozzarella as opposed to a blend of frozen cheeses.

This whole C.E.C. makeover is starting to sound mighty fancy. What's next. They going to start cleaning the ball pit?


Guess beggars can't be choosers. One step at a time. Let's stay focused on the pizza.

The press release said:

While the original recipe was loved by many families and even took a spot in the nation’s top seven pizza brands in a study by Brand Keys ... Chuck E. Cheese’s saw ‘mushroom for improvement’ and formulated the new recipe to accommodate the changing tastes of parents and children alike.

Combining sweet puns about pizza and improvement? I'm all in. Sounds like the Cheese is tightening up their operations a bit and I like where this is headed. In the past when I've gone to the Cheese, I wasn't able to decide what was grosser: The salad bar or the pizza. Now it sounds like there's a clear loser since the pizza has gotten a makeover.

So hey, I'll try anything once. If you wanna lend me some kids and send me to a suburban Chuck E. Cheese's for a little lunch and a little skee ball, I'm down. It's a place where a kid can be a kid, and where a bored adult can contemplate the complex flavors she discovers when biting into the new and improved culinary delights courtesy of the big Cheese.

What did you think of the old Chuck E. Cheese's pizza?

Photo via daveparker/Flickr

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