5 Hot Chefs Who Know Their Way Around the Grill

anthony bourdainSummer is in full effect, guys. You know how I know that? We're starting work on a Tuesday instead of a Monday this week, our feet haven't seen socks in a month, and from now until September, it's considered sacrilegious to ingest anything that hasn't been blackened on a grill. We deserve a present for making it through the harsh winter. I'll go first.

I thought long and hard about what to get you. I didn't want to take the obvious route and gift you a recipe for the craziest summer cocktail or the secret to perfectly grilled veggies, I wanted to get you something different, something ... sexy. And then it hit me. Here, I bestow unto you the five sexiest grilling chefs. With photos. Napkins not included.

Anthony Bourdain. Okay, so maybe he's not known for his grilling skills per se, a la Bobby Flay, but he certainly grills other celebrity chefs -- in fact, he skewers them. And he's, like, a super badass.




chuck hughes

Chuck Hughes. Oh, hello, sexy, tattooed Canadian chef. The star of Chuck's Day Off on Cooking Channel always seems to be grilling up something amazing in his equally amazing kitchen. We likey.

eric ripert

Eric Ripert. Okay, he's more renowned for his fancy French food and sophisticated palate, but, really, how do you have a sexy chef list without Eric?

tyler florence

Tyler Florence. He's not our typical kind of guy -- a little too squeaky clean -- but we really like his disposition and certainly wouldn't mind trying his food. And, no, that's not meant to be dirty.

marcus samuelsson

Marcus Samuelsson. The real Swedish chef. He cooks. He grills. He does it while looking like this. Happy summer, ladies.

What sexy chef have we left off?


Images via lwpkommunikacio/Flickr; Cooking ChannelAndrew H. Walker/Getty; Gustavo Caballero/Getty; Marcus Samuelsson

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