World’s Largest Hamburger Could Crush You!

world's largest burgerFor those, like me, who are feeling a bit down in the dumps about the July 4th weekend calorie overload, I have some good news. First, take a looksee at the burger that landed the world record for largest commercially available hamburger at the Alameda Country Fair in California over the weekend (pictured at right). It's huge! Now, sigh with relief. At least we didn't eat THAT.

The hunk of beef weighed in at a whopping 777 pounds and stole the Guinness World Record from a measly 590-pound burger that originated in Canada. I can't think of a better time for the good ol' US of A to take back a title that's rightfully ours than over Independence Day weekend. Now, if only I could have a taste myself.

The best part? Locals had the chance to own one of their own! It'd only cost them ...


Ready for this? $5,000! Apparently, fair organizers offered them up for sale, with 24 hours notice. I'm pretty sure I could shop at Whole Foods, buy all of my favorite expensive foodie treats, and STILL not spend $5,000.

So what goes into the world's largest commercially available hamburger? The burger was made with one single beef patty that took 15 hours to cook. It was topped off with 20 pounds of onions, 12 pounds of pickles, 30 pounds of lettuce, and a 110-pound bun. Holy cow!

In total, the burger would cost you about 1,375,000 calories. FYI: That's enough to feed an individual for almost two full years. Can you imagine solely eating hamburger covered in POUNDS of toppings for two years straight? That is, as if the beef would stay that long. I shudder just thinking about it!

And for the record: Bits of the burger were sold off to benefit the Alameda County Food Bank for just 99 cents a pop. I don't know if anyone would dare attempt to sit down and eat that hunk of meat in one sitting, alone. Well, aside from Joey Chestnut, that is. 

See exactly how the 777-pound burger was made, here:

What do you think of the world's largest burger?

Image via Alameda County Fair

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