7 Coolest Ice Cream Recipes for the 4th of July

4th of July ice cream recipe

Some people will go all-American with apple pies and strawberry shortcakes, but you can't find a dessert that's more appropriate for the 4th of July than ice cream! If there's one thing you want to find Independence from on a hot summer day, it's your oven. Ice cream is cool, it's easy to throw together into a yummy treat and it's colorful! Never was incorporating the red, white and blue into your dessert so easy. Vanilla, raspberry and blackberry ice cream. Patriotic sprinkles. Pop rocks -- bang, the sky is the limit!

Presenting, 7 Cool Ice Cream recipes, all using a red, white and blue theme, to help you show your true culinary colors:


1. Red, white and blue ice cream sandwiches. All you need is vanilla, raspberry and blackberry ice cream, a little shortbread and some pop rocks to make you guests feel like they have fireworks in their mouth!

2. Red, white and blue ice cream cone cupcakes. Well, technically these are fake ice cream cones, courtesy of the delightful blog Love From the Oven. The ice cream is actually frosting, which is perfect for the little ones because more of the treat will end up in their mouths than melted all over the deck.

3. Red, white and Blue ice cream cake. This recipe calls for three layers of ice cream and sherbet frozen together with layers of Oreo cookie crumbs. Also includes recipes to make the sorbet from scratch for the extra ambitious.

4. Red, white and blue ice cream sandwich cake. From Emeril Lagasse, a slightly more complicated recipe for sophisticated guests using a lemon cake, macerated berries and scoops of vanilla. Well worth the effort!

5. Red, white and blue ice cream sundaes. Pureed berries give this parfait its patriotic flair, so easy to just whip together at the last minute.

6. Red, white and blue ice cream pie. Refrigerator pies don't get simpler or better than this. Featuring a pre-made graham cracker crust and lots of berries, this blue-colored pie is a star!

7. Red, white and blue granola parfaits. Don't be scared -- this recipe uses balsamic vinegar over vanilla ice cream and berries. Don't judge it till you try it. It's an amazing combo -- but maybe save this one for the adults.

Happy Fourth of July!


Image via Love From the Oven

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