Pilots Who Flew 2,500 Miles for Craving Just Made One Sandwich Famous

Primanti Bros. SandwichHow far would you go to get your favorite food? A hungry flight crew testing Boeing's new 747-8 flew some 2,500 miles to get a fry-and-slaw-filled sandwich. Nom.

All the way from Seattle to Pittsburgh they traveled to ingest one from Primanti Bros., a sandwich shop who's served up the unique fare since the 1930s and had captured the love of the lead test pilot, Paul Shank, who had grown up with them. The shop delivered them straight to the airport, so the crew could eat them on their way ... right back to Seattle.

What a waste of gas and money just to feed some cravings? Yes, cried some, but  beyond the original sensational headlines there's a much less excessive reason for the trip according to Boeing.


They say Pittsburgh was a scheduled stop anyway as part of their extensive testing of the jet, and the sandwiches were just a perk -- no harm, no foul. They got their sandwiches, and with press like that, Primanti Bros. may soon be able to remove the "almost" from their slogan that reads "almost famous."

Boeing says this isn't the last flight for food either as they're building some future food journeys into their reliability testing including trips to Michigan's Upper Peninsula for pasties and to Maine for lobster rolls. Hey, if you have to go somewhere, you might as well go where there's good food.

I think most of us can relate to going to such great lengths to get our favorite foods ... or at least the desire to do so. I know I can. A few dishes I would travel great distances to eat:

Caprese Salad -- I adore a good caprese salad and have tried countless ones over the years, but  when I was in Napa Valley a few weeks ago, I ate the most amazing one I've ever had. The tomatoes were perfection; the homemade mozzarella was unlike any I've ever had. I have not stopped thinking about it since, and if I had a plane at my disposal I'd go back for that alone. (Okay, the wine too).

Breakfast Tacos -- I've talked about my love for these before, and how I'd move back to Austin, Texas, for Taco Shack breakfast tacos alone. If I could just fly in and pick some up once in awhile, that would work too.

Purple Chopped Salad -- I lived in Seattle for more than six years, and ate this salad more than 6 million times (approximately). From The Purple Wine Bar, it's a mix of bacon and chicken, red pepper, purple onions, cheese, lettuce, and the perfect vinaigrette.  It doesn't sound that special, but it is -- as much for its good taste as the good memories I have of eating it with so many good friends while I was there.

I could go on and on, but I'm getting too hungry. In any case, we can all live vicariously through these pilots, and next time I'm in Pittsburgh, I know where I'm having lunch.

What food would you travel a great distance to eat?

Image via Dan4th/Flickr

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