50 Ways to Bring a Party in Your Purse

party in your purseIt's happened. They've thought of everything. Introducing ... a wine purse. Or rather a purse-like package that holds the equivalent to three bottles of wine. You'd better believe that everyone will be inviting you to the party if this is how you roll.

The French winery, Vignerons de Buzet, has introduced these hat box-esque wine containers called Vinity Case for those of you who like to travel with your wine. As a fan of the wine in the box, I say, "Bravo, Frenchies!" Additionally, you've just inspired me to stash a few more things in my purse so I'll be the life of the party.

In fact, here are 50 other things you should stow alongside your wine to guarantee that the good times arrive with you.

  1. Wine opener (duh)
  2. Soft cheeses
  3. Roller skates
  4. Bouquet of snap dragons
  5. Christmas lights
  6. Condoms
  7. Pie
  8. Mad Libs
  9. Seltzer bottle
  10. Pasties
  11. Mexican wrestler masks
  12. Your rad collection of 45s
  13. The Sponge
  14. Four tickets to Montreal
  15. Clown makeup
  16. Horn-rimmed glasses
  17. Seasonal fruit
  18. Disco ball
  19. Your weave
  20. Two tickets to Paradise
  21. Your reusable bags
  22. 3D glasses
  23. Smelling salts
  24. Extra-large-clock-on-a-chain necklace
  25. Twister
  26. Darth Vader voice changing helmet
  27. Whipped cream
  28. Trick candles
  29. Small dog
  30. Golden Girls box set
  31. Mini keg
  32. Nipple clamps
  33. Chia pet
  34. SPAM
  35. Oxi-Clean
  36. Juicy Couture sweat pants for all
  37. Al Sharpton bobblehead
  38. Laser pointer
  39. Cardboard for break dancing
  40. Lava lamp
  41. Elmer's glue
  42. Snoopy Sno-Cone machine
  43. The Internet
  44. Crimping iron
  45. Scuba gear
  46. Parking permit
  47. Crocs
  48. Lamp shade
  49. Maru
  50. Mad Dog 20/20 ... in case your wine purse gets tapped


Image via Astor Wines

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