Cupcakes Make Mom's Life Easier

Cupcake cones are easy and fun.

Here's a great question from ShilligFabFour about cute, easy birthday cake ideas for kids' parties.

Several moms wrote in with some darling ideas, including the sweet sensation that some think are better than a cake...cupcakes!


Really, what's not to love about these mini treats? They're simple to serve and eat (no knives required). They're individually sized, which is perfect for kids. And, most important, they're a breeze to bake or buy.

Cake-lovers have been salivating for a la carte cupcakes ever since New York City's Magnolia Bakery got a shout out from Carrie Bradshaw and friends during the third season of Sex and the City. Now, cupcakeries and custom cupcake companies are popping up in cities all over the country--from San Francisco to Jersey City, from Houston to Chicago, and everywhere in between. Check out this delicious cupcake blog to find where you can pick some up near you.

Prefer to bake instead of buy? Homemade cupcakes--from mix or from scratch--can be just as tasty as store-bought treats. Cake 101 is a great place to find recipes. TilmannsGirl had a great idea for cupcake cones--just fill ice cream cones halfway with cake batter and bake. Decorate your cupcakes according to your party's theme--maybe ladybugs, SpongeBob, or scary monsters. Or, stack them on a tiered stand for a stunning, edible centerpiece. For a fun project, stock up on a variety of icings and toppings and have kids decorate their own.

Got any cute cupcake creations you'd like to brag about? Post them here!

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