No Love for Gross New Wimbledon Sandwich

strawberries and clotted cream sandwichJust in time for Wimbledon, a new food product has been launched to honor the big event -- the British Strawberries and Clotted Cream sandwich. Sounds festive and a bit fancy, but it doesn't score any points when it comes to good taste seeing as how it's a pre-packaged job sold on British supermarket shelves. Fault!

Clotted cream may be delicious served fresh on scones during high tea in a swanky restaurant, but the thought of it on anything housed in the kind of plastic containers that fill vending machines is enough to make anyone lose it. Imagining what it tastes like after the strawberries sit soaking in it and the cream continues clotting for days on end while sitting on the shelf is worse.


Besides some fine fish and chips, the U.K. just isn't known for producing the most appetizing of foods. Even spotted dick, which sounds like great fun, is just basically pudding with raisins (yum?). So I suppose it shouldn't be surprising that this is the latest masterpiece to hit the country.

Sadly it's not even the worst sandwich that's been marketed by Tesco, the company that produces and sells it in its stores. They're the same ones who brought us the lose-your-appetite lasagna sandwich, which is one of the few sandwiches that sounds less appetizing the new Wimbledon one.

Fortunately, neither sandwich is sold in the United States, so unless you're lucky enough to be traveling to Wimbledon, you don't have to be worried about being tempted too much.

Which would you rather eat -- the lasagna sandwich or strawberries and clotted cream variety?

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