The Grossest Burger in the World Is Made of WHAT?! (VIDEO)

There have been a lot of atrocities in the burger world -- the Burger King stuffed burger, the NY Pizza Burger -- but perhaps nothing is as egregious as the latest burger out of Japan. This one, my friends, is made of human excrement. That's poop to you and me.

Lest you think I am joking, I assure you it's very real and scientific and whatnot. Yummy, right? The proteins and lipid have been extracted from "sewage mud" -- that's poop, people! -- and blended with soy and steak sauce essence to create this burger, which is meatless. Still, even the most ardent animal rights activist would balk at eating a turd on toast. Am I right or am I right?

The professor who invented it thinks the main barrier is "psychological" and, well, yeah. I am going to have to agree with him there.  I am pretty sure I would starve before I would eat a burger made of poop. But that's just me.

See for yourself:


Affectionately known as the "poop burger," this will quickly put most people off meat, meatless "meat," poop, and perhaps any organic substance, period. Or maybe that's just me. I have a weak stomach and can guarantee that the "psychological barrier" would prove way too high to traverse.

His heart is in the right place. He wants to solve the global food crisis, but really. Poop?

Do you think this poop burger is genius or horrifying?

Image via YouTube

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