How to Throw a Bacon-Lovers Party That Sizzles

bacon artIf there's anything we apparently can't get enough of, it's bacon. It seems like not a day goes by that I don't hear about some new bacon product: bacon ice cream, candied bacon, bacon vodka. Of course, I think we all agree that the best bacon idea ever is just bacon, period.

But the second best bacon idea ever is a bacon-themed party, where all the food has bacon in it! Throw in a few bacon-themed games and you've pretty much got the most delicious party ever. Why throw a bacon party? Because you love it, and isn't it time you showed your appreciation and shared the love with your friends? All right then, let's do this.


The menu possibilities for the bacon-themed party are seemingly endless, but there should be two main categories: savory and sweet. I'm also thinking maybe we should leave out the bacon-flavored beverages. After all, bacon without the crunch is like a cloudy day at the beach, isn't it? All righty, then, let's look at the menu.

If your guests can still move after that, invite them to join you in a few fun bacon games.

  • Bacon Tasting: Buy a few different kinds of bacon, like thick-cut, peppered, Berkshire pork, duck, turkey, and what the heck, throw on a vegan version as well. Have everyone taste a sample and vote for their favorites.
  • Pin the Bacon on Donald Trump: Re-create a much tastier version of his comb-over! Post a large picture of The Don on the wall, then let everyone take blindfolded turns trying to tack on a strip of bacon front and center on his noggin.
  • Bacon Art: Inspired by the gentleman in the photo above, this is a game where everyone gets a pile of bacon, some toothpicks, and some tape and creates their own sculptures. 
  • Bacon Debate: Pass around some bacon martinis and start asking some of the Big Questions about bacon. (Okay, so I let one bacon drink sneak in.) What's the best way to cook bacon? Who makes the best bacon? Is having a bacon party unethical, decadent, and a sign of the End of Times?

On second thought, maybe that last game would invite too much yelling. You know what they say -- avoid conversation about religion, politics, and bacon.

What would you serve at a bacon party?

Image via miss karen/Flickr

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