Lady Gaga Shows Us How NOT to Store Meat

lady gaga meat dressLady Gaga's infamous meat dress arrived in Cleveland today to be put on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of the "Women Who Rock" exhibit. But before the fleshy frock made its way to the Midwest, it had to be preserved in such a way so that it didn't make the whole museum reek to high heaven -- after all, this was a dress made of raw Argentinian beef nearly one year ago!

What went into the several months-long meat dress preservation process? Well, let's just say, it's pretty much the opposite of how we should store real meat at home.


First, the grisly garment was sent to a taxidermist, who put it into a meat locker while a vat of chemical solution to treat the dress was prepared. After a dip in the vat, the wet meat dress was put on a body form and left to dehydrate beef jerky-style. It was during the drying process that the dress turned an unsightly, non-fresh, dark color -- but that was nothing a little red paint couldn't rectify!

Now, the dress will reside at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in a sealed case with canisters, which control the humidity and soak up the glutens to keep it looking as fresh, raw, and bloody as the day when Lady Gaga wore it at the MTV Video Music Awards. *Happy sigh.*

After the chemical bath, dehydration, paint, and god knows what else, it's easy to forget this all started as a piece (many pieces) of real meat. But I don't think any museum-goers will be complaining -- as long as they can't smell it.

Will you travel to Cleveland to see the meat dress?


Image via Americanistadechiapas/Flickr

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