If You Love Fountain Drinks, Find This Machine ASAP

coke freestyle machineThere's nothing quite as refreshing as an ice-cold fountain drink on a hot day. But Coke has been teasing us for a while now -- bragging that its ingenious new fountain machine will significantly improve on the fountain drink experience. The company began testing it in a few locations back in 2009, and now it's finally becoming available nationwide.

The Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain machine may resemble an old-fashioned vending machine, but it functions like a gadget from the future: A touchscreen computer embedded inside gives customers the option of 125 different flavors like Raspberry Coke, Sprite with Grape, and Minute Maid Cherry Lemonade. Simply select a soda on the touchscreen, then choose from a variety of (mostly fruit) flavors.

Right about now you're probably salivating, right? Here's how to find a Freestyle machine near you ...


Just visit the official Coca-Cola Freestyle website, type in your zip, and it will churn out the locations nearest you where the machine can be found.

So far, the restaurants and other locations carrying the machines report that ever since they were installed, there's hasn't been a noticeable increase in food or beverage sales. But they've observed other trends ... one employee noted:

People have been coming in just to get soda because they hear about the machine.

(That's completely understandable. I'm about to go to a movie theater I didn't even know was there just to try it out.) Employees also noticed that the machine seems to be more popular with young people (particularly high school kids) than older customers, who tend to be intimidated by the touchscreen and all the options.

Now that you mention it, choosing from 125 flavors does sound a little intimidating -- of course, that's nothing a little practice can't remedy.

Have you tried the new Coke Freestyle machine yet? Which flavor combination did you choose?


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