Forget Breakfast in Bed, Serve Dad 'Dinner in Bed'

dinner in bedBreakfast in bed is typically a Mother's Day tradition that never goes out of style. But moms shouldn't be the only ones who get treated like royalty for a day.

Do something similarly special for Dad this Father's Day, but make it more manly. Instead of breakfast, serve him dinner in bed: This will give you more opportunities to get meat on the menu, and he'll have something to nosh on while watching the game.

Here's how to serve Dad a dinner in bed he'll never forget ...


Start the meal off with something no dad can ever have too many of -- hot wings! Ordinary buffalo wings are a tried-and-true classic, or you can surprise Dad with a crazy new flavor -- for example, spicy apricot or tequila lime. Whichever you choose, just be sure to add plenty of heat.

Dad is going to need something to cool down with after all that spice, and no doubt he'd prefer an ice cold beer. Obviously, if he has a go-to brand, get that one; but if he's not the choosy type, why not pick out an interesting brew he has yet to try. A crisp summer ale might really be nice: Try Bell's Oberon Ale or Dogfish Head's Apricot IPA.

Meat is a definite must for the main course. What dad wouldn't love to sink his teeth into a juicy Steakhouse Burger or Pulled Pork Sandwich. Or, you can't go wrong with something that's been beer-braised -- anyone for Beer-Braised Baby Back Ribs?

For dessert? There's nothing quite as thoughtful as enlisting the whole family to bake Dad's favorite homemade cookies. Serve with a dish of ice cream, and he'll feel like the most special guy alive.

And, of course, no dinner in bed is complete without a pair of new sweats so Dad can lounge around comfortably but still in style.

Have you ever made Dad dinner in bed?


Image via UggBoy & UggGirl/Flickr

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