Newest Wedding Trend Leaves Some Guests Unsatisfied

food truckWe know that gourmet food trucks are all the rage, especially after the huge success of the Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race. But food trucks catering the food at a wedding? Color me skeptical.


According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, hiring gourmet food trucks to provide the food is one of the newest trends in weddings. (In fact, some truck owners generate a significant part of their income catering weddings and bar mitzvahs.) The advantages of using food trucks to cater the reception are two-fold: Couples getting married are always looking for that unique, over-the-top idea that sets their wedding apart from all the others and makes it particularly memorable. Eating samosas, meat pies, and other food truck fare on paper plates might just be that idea.

More important, food trucks are typically less expensive than traditional caterers -- sometimes costing only a third of the price. Amy Maureen Yee hired three food trucks to cater her 110-person New York wedding last month: She ended up spending about $3,580 on food, plus the cost of hiring separate vendors for appetizers, coffee and dessert, food staffing, and chair and table rentals. Still, the total cost was less than the $20,000 other caterers had quoted her. But for her and her husband, the food trucks were more than just a cost-saving measure:

We love food trucks ... this is sort of a big part of our relationship together.

But how do guests receive such an unconventional idea? I'd be thrilled to be invited to a wedding reception featuring food trucks -- but I'm a huge fan of street food, not to mention cool, out-of-the-ordinary wedding traditions. I could see more traditional guests who are more accustomed to a buffet or formal sit-down dinner balking at eating greasy food off paper plates. But at the end of the day, isn't a wedding about what the couple getting married wants?

Do you think food trucks at a wedding is a cool idea?

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