10 Healthy Snacks to Cool You Down This Summer

fruit slushie

High temperatures in the summer months often cause us to reach for cold foods -- anything else just doesn't sound appetizing. But a few too many ice cream cones and fast food smoothies will eventually do a number on the waistline (which is particularly frustrating given that it's also swimsuit season). If you find yourself craving something chilled this summer, there are tons of fun and healthy ideas -- especially now that so much fresh fruit is in season -- that taste just as delicious.

Here are 10 healthy snacks to cool you down.


-Frozen grapes are the quintessential low-cal, no-fat summertime treat. Place washed grapes on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper so that they aren't touching each other. Freeze. This also works with fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries -- heck, any berry!

-Watermelon slices.

-Fruit kabobs straight out of the refrigerator are a cooling, healthy snack. Some interesting combinations include strawberries and kiwi or pineapple and peach.

-Layered fruit and yogurt parfaits.

-Homemade fruit pops are so simple to make and contain way less sugar and calories than store-bought Popsicles. Mix unsweetened fruit juice with fruit chunks. Pour into ice cube trays, add wooden sticks, and freeze!

-Raw veggies with low-fat dip.

-Another frozen treat you can easily (and cheaply!) make at home is a fruit slushie -- here's how. Combine 2 cups ice water, 1 packet fruit-flavored low-sugar drink mix, 2/3 cup sugar (optional), and tray of ice cubes in blender; blend until slushy.

-Celery spread with peanut better or cream cheese right out of the refrigerator.

-Make healthy ice cream sandwiches: Spread a graham cracker with 1/4 cup sugar-free frozen yogurt and put another graham cracker on top.

-When else are you going to eat a frozen chocolate covered banana except in the summer? Melt dark chocolate, dip banana, then pop in freezer. Enjoy!


Image via misscrabbette/Flickr

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