Dancing Infomercial Wiener Is So Bad It's Good (VIDEO)

happy hot dogI just can't get enough of ridiculous late-night infomercials. Every time I see one, I have the same reaction: "Wait, am I watching an episode of SNL? This can't possibly be a real infomercial ... oh my god, it IS a real infomercial!"

With Weinergate taking over the news, I was sure the Happy Hot Dog Man infomercial had to be some kind of parody when it came on my TV last night. Are you kidding?? A contraption that turns hot dogs into weird little guys who remind me of second-rate Gumby characters and can be "dressed up" with food, like cowboys or dancers or, oh, I don't know, politicians?

Truly, this is one you've just got to see to believe ...


What do you say we all go in on a crate of these things and send them straight to Weiner's house?


Image via YouTube

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