‘Breastaurant’ Business Booms During Recession: Well, Duh

hootersWhen I first heard the word "breastaurant" (a combination of "breast" and "restaurant"), I assumed it was a place where breastfeeding mothers could go and hang out, eat, and relax. Turns out I was way wrong. A breastaurant has nothing to do with feeding babies and everything to do with men shelling out cash to be served cold beers and hot wings by women with large and in charge breasts. Get it?

And the latest news is that these types of establishments are gaining momentum. Sales are up. Big time. It's estimated that Hooters nets over $1 billion annually, and like-minded eatery, Tilted Kilt, has doubled their business each year since opening in 2005.

It's no surprise that breastaurants will always draw a certain crowd, but it seems like there is a separate, hidden motivation that is helping places like these take off.


I'm talking about the recession of course. The less money we have, the more basic our needs get. And if we've only got a few extra dollars for entertainment, might as well make it count. Food, beer, and boobs -- guess it doesn't get more basic than that when it comes to pleasing dudes.

The owner of Twin Peaks, Randy DeWitt, explains:

Why do regular customers come in three times or more a month? What more could a guy ask for: great food, sports, beer, and a cute girl to look at. We don't go real deep.

There you have it. It's been said that this recession period has been one of the worst times in history to open your own eatery, but if you have no problem with handing out tight uniforms and mugs of booze, you should be all set.

Of course there's more to these breastaurants than just breasts, but I will point out that we're not calling them Wingsaurants or Beeraurants or PlasmaTVaurants ... all things places like Hooters will say are just as big a factor in their sales as the friendliness of their waitresses.

What do you think of breastaurants?

Photo via flippunkrocker/Flickr

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