The Problem With Grapples

grapple frankenfoodMy husband came home from work the other day going on and on about a co-worker's contribution to snack time (or whatever one calls it when you're an adult and work in an office). She had presented her co-workers with grapples. Grape-flavored apples. My husband was in awe. I, however, told him to put down the grapple and come back to the land of actual food.

Sure, it may sound totally delicious. But so do deep-fried Twinkies. Delicious does not mean "good for you," as we all know. And just because it's two fruits does not make it healthy since it's been processed and altered. While the Grapple company insists it's not a genetically modified food (and technically, it's not), it's still a messed-with food. Franken-food, if you will. While Grapple may not see any problems with this new food-like fruit, they also may not be looking too hard.

Just to see if I was overreacting or not, I asked Christy Meyers, a nutritionist and proprieter of How to Chow, to weigh in on the grapple.


While Christy agrees that food is best in its natural state, she gave the grapple an objective look. Her findings?

As a nutritional counselor, my first concern would be the ingredients that are in the soaking solution and whether they are natural or chemical. I am always more supportive of foods in their natural states, without processing. With the mass producing of food that goes on in our country, we need to be careful to investigate what is being done to our food and how that affects our health when we ingest them.

However, with Americans becoming more knowledgeable about food processing procedures and demanding food that is healthy, we will see a sprouting of processed food items from companies that are using more natural means of processing. This is something that we need to be sure to support. Since we are living in modern times, it is almost impossible not to eat some processed foods during our days. It would be a vast improvement for those processed foods to be naturally processed.

So maybe the grapple isn't all bad. But I just can't help but think, if you want the benefits of eating an apple, eat an apple. Want those antioxidants from a juicy grape? Eat a grape. And if you just can't resist the pairing of these two delights, eat a grapple. Just remember it's a treat, not unlike a smoothie.

Would you eat a grapple?


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