How to Cook a Wiener & Eat It


weinerWith all this talk about the Anthony Weinergate scandal, I find myself craving something long and plump. Something hot. Something I can really bite off and chew. Maybe if I tweet my craving, someone will respond -- perhaps with a salacious-looking photo.

I'm thinking about a hot dog, of course! What did you think I meant?!?

So far one eatery near me is capitalizing on Weinergate with their own hot dog special. But if you're not in Brooklyn, here's how to sink your teeth into the perfect wiener all summer. 

Der Kommisar is selling Anthony's "Deeply Ashamed" Weiners for $6: two hot dogs on French bread drizzled with olive oil with sauerkraut and a pickle on the side. I'm still trying to figure out where the "deeply ashamed" part comes in the dish. Is it because olive oil has no business glistening off the surface of a hot dog? 

At any rate, I have been scouring the Internet for more Anthony-related hot dog specials and Der Kommisar appears to be the only one. What's the deal? That's so un-American! Why would a business miss out on the opportunity to capitalize on a national scandal? When has bad taste ever come between a retailer and making a buck? 

Well, maybe the whole Weiner business just leaves a bad taste in people's mouths. I get that. I'm sure the owner of Tony's Hot Dogs is glad now that he went with that name for his eatery instead of, say, "Anthony's Wieners." Boy, that would suck about now.

A conservative blogger (who probably wanted Weiner out of the House anyway) is planning a 4th of July Weinergate picnic. So if you're in the Los Angeles area and like waving flags, ranting about the economy, and grilling hot dogs, this event is for you.

Okay, enough with the Weiner jokes. Can we be serious for a moment? Because there are two tragedies associated with wieners: overcooking and buying the wrong wiener.

Overall I love all Applewood Farms hot dogs, but their truly wiener-ish Big Apple Hot Dogs are the bomb. You want a sausage with skin that snaps, and these deliver. Niman Ranch's Fearless Franks are also excellent. And you can't go wrong with Nathan's Famous Bigger-Than-The-Bun franks

At a block party this weekend, I grilled some vegetarian hot dogs for someone else. Lord have mercy. All I can say is, you're better off throwing one of your kids' plastic toys on the grill and eating that instead.

As for cooking, you don't want to undercook (health hazard) but you also don't want to sear these puppies until they burst or leak. I've always been partial to grilling over low, cooler coals, but I just read about another method via the Paupered Chef: steam in a shallow pan of boiling water, then finish by searing with melted butter. Well all right then, I think I'll have to give that a try! 

Has Weinergate ruined hot dogs for you?

Image via ddaarryyn/Flickr

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Momma... MommaSiete

This 'scandal' I haven't even heard of - and it didn't affect hotdogs for me, lol. However adding butter to a cooked dog sounds so wrong!! =/

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

You shouldn't grill veggie dogs, that will make them gross. The proper cooking method is to boil water and then submerge them for two minutes. They still won't taste great of course but that's kinda the point, they're meant to taste like hot dogs.

Eliza... ElizabethZ3

Best way to cook a hotdog, brown in skillet over med. high heat.  Then add about 1/2 cup or so of decent lager (I used a budweiser tonight) to the pan, let them simmer in that for about 5 mins, covered.  Then take the lid off and let the liquid evaporate, 1-2 more mins.  I made some 1/4 lb Hebrew Nationals, served on brat buns. w/ chili, cheddar, onions.  OMG.  Best chili dog ever.


nonmember avatar Rob Reid

Undercooked? Health hazard? Hot dogs are pre-cooked you wiener brain...

nonmember avatar neal

remember to keep 'em rolling on the grill. don't let them sit in one place for too long.

i am not sure about the undercooking "health hazard" mentioned. most of the hotdogs i have gotten from the store (like oscar meyer) are pre-cooked and are good to eat cold.maybe there are some raw ones out there, but then there should be a note about the difference between the types.

nonmember avatar neal

"Has Weinergate ruined hot dogs for you?"
yeah, and reading moronic blurbs like that on a blog has ruined eating chocolate for me too. the 2 things are SO related.
it's so sad to see writers having to stretch like that to make a story out of nothing. grow an imagination.

Stephen Seretan

How to cook a weiner? Send it to Congress with a cell phone! And he'll eat it.

nonmember avatar mikie

You can boil, fry grill and even bake them, but nobody uses ketchup on a good weiner.

nonmember avatar Lasey

That's amusing but Anthony Weiner's name isn't even pronounced like wiener, everyone's been saying it wrong. A hot dog is spelled "wiener" and pronounced "wee-ner" while the German surname Weiner is pronounced "wine-er" sounds like whiner lol. Americans seem to always misspell wiener, remember it's i before e except after c. And in German the two dipthongs make completely different sounds!

Bob Schoen

A wiener is not a hot dog!!!!Hotdogs are full of meat byproducts. I come from German ancestry.I am also talkin about food not some twisted liberal politician.The twisted liberal is pronounced whine-er not wiener!! Wieners are all beef in natural casings,can get them in my home town at Fendt's meat market.You hotdog people can eat your meat byproducts and think it's a wiener!!

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