New Groupon Grocery Deals? Sign Me Up!

shopping cart grouponThere are few things I enjoy more than a good deal. Every morning, emails from daily deal websites like and Groupon flock my inbox, just waiting to be harvested. Quite the pleasant awakening from an often too-short night's sleep, if you ask me.

So when I heard that Groupon is launching a pilot program at local supermarkets, I could hardly contain myself. Beginning today at a Big Y supermarket in Springfield, Massachusetts, the website is testing out consumer interest. Shoppers can get a $39.99 seafood grill pack (at this location only) complete with clams, mussels, lobster tails, and other yum yums for only $24. Shoot, it's almost worth me driving from my house in Connecticut to snag one myself!

When you think about it, coupons that come from the web (and, gasp, even the newspaper!) are pretty generic, aren't they? If Groupon's supermarket savings catch on, this could be huge! These are the extreme discounts we REALLY want!


So how's this all work? First, shoppers buy the deal on the Groupon website. Then the prepaid deal is loaded onto their loyalty cards, which are in turn swiped at checkout. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Ask yourself this question: When was the last time you saw a coupon with 40 percent savings in your weekly circular? I'm gonna rally on this one and say never. Of course, there are the extremists. The pros who combine store deals with manufacturers' discounts to actually MAKE money; the Extreme Couponing wannabees who strive to be like the TLC showstoppers.

But for the rest of us, there's absolutely no easier way to save big bills than waking up and seeing them in our email inboxes. Groupon realized this and that everyone needs groceries. I can only hope that this concept spans nationwide.

It benefits all parties involved, if you think about it. The deal gets more buyers into the store. And, since consumers have to have the specific store's loyalty card to use the savings, more shoppers will come in, looking to find out how to become a loyal customer.

Of course, there's always a counter-argument for those unsavvy shoppers who are just too lazy to get with the times and learn the benefits of technology. To those shoppers, I say adios! I'll be snagging my seafood (hopefully) for much cheaper than you, and I'll love every moment of it.

Can you imagine all of the sweet savings that await if this really takes off? I can think of a few products that could use a discounting. Oooh, like Fage Greek yogurts: A whole case for $5! Or, better yet! Boar's Head buffalo chicken breast for only $1 a pound.

Magical, really. Just magical.

Would you use Groupon to lower your grocery bill? Or is it all just too complicated?

Image via Polycart/Flickr

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