7 Kids' Summer Treats for Adults Only

boozy ice popsWhen you think of summer and kids, images of popsicles, lemonade, and other warm-weather treats are as much a part of the season as the sun. Childhood memories are made with these delicious treats in hand.

They don't necessarily lose their luster when we're adults, but they're not the same as when there was no sound in the world more melodic than the bell of the ice cream man ringing. But with a little pep added (aka alcohol), adults will get just as excited about some of these warm weather specialties -- maybe even more excited once they've had a couple.

Here are seven alcoholic versions of childhood summer treats:


Beer Snow Cones Oh yes, they can be done. They're easy, pretty, and more fun than any brew in a can could ever hope to be.

Tequila Popsicles Jose Cuervo will be everyone's friend when you bust out these blueberry-peach tequila popsicles on a hot day. No worm required, though it's fun to stick a gummy version in each one!

Wine Slushie This is so good and refreshing, you have to keep reminding yourself it's mostly wine. 

Lemon-Vodka Cream Pop Vodka on a stick! With goodness like this, you'll be glad to be an adult.

Watermelon Martinis The first big green melon brought home was always a big deal when I was growing up. Spitting seeds, sticky fingers, it was amazing. Even more amazing, however, is sipping it from a martini glass in this recipe courtesy of Oprah.

Bailey's Milkshake Call it your daily calcium intake and ultimate indulgence all in one. Add chocolate syrup, and summer never tasted so good.

Jell-O Shots But of course, what better way to enjoy this playful food as an adult? From coconut lime to sour apple recipes, there are plenty of ways to serve up the fun and watch it wiggle ...

What are your favorite adult versions of childhood treats?

Image via thebittenword.com

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