7 BBQ Gadgets You Wish You Had Thought Of

smore grill basketIt's Memorial Day Weekend, everyone! The official kick-off to summer, and backyards everywhere are getting ready for grilling season. Whether you are turning on the propane or lighting the charcoal, whether it's beef and sausages or grilled veggies and a salmon fillet, grilling outside is one of the yummiest ways to attract bugs and neighbors wanting a free meal.

Now, there's a whole slew of BBQ accoutrement in the market. Special tongs and flippers (that's a technical word, right?), nice pans and thermometers. I'm sure the grillmaster in your abode has some great gadgets, but I found a few that are so cool you'll think, "Dang, why didn't I think of that?"


beer butt chicken plank

They say it is one of the best ways to get juicy, flavorful chicken -- stick a can of beer up its butt. Alas, having the chicken teeter-totter on the grill, the drippings dropping into your coals, it's not the easiest way to cook a bird. Enter the Beer Butt Chicken Plank. It has a little circular area in the middle where the can sits, the wood plank itself catches any fat and goop from falling into the flames. Really, a no-brainer gadget -- and you get 3 for $24.99 from SkyMall.


butter boy

Ah, corn on the cob, the a classic grilling side dish. But, without fail, trying to butter said cob proves to be difficult. Now we have Butter Boy. You insert a stick of butter into Butter Boy and, when you want to butter your corn, just take off his top to reveal a rounded spout-thingy that glides right along the corn. No muss, no fuss, no wasted butter, no fingers getting all sticky as you maneuver a flat knife along the cob. I am so getting this for my dad this Father's Day. It is $9-$13.22 (depending on the color you want) from Amazon.


napkin tie

Is it a napkin? Is it a tie? It's both! This napkin tie in kitschy, tablecloth print is machine washable and perfect for your grillmaster to wear to your annual Fourth of July BBQ. If he spills or just can't reach a paper towel, he can use his tie to wipe his chin. From Uncommon Goods, it is $40.


flexible kabobs

Maybe you have seen circular kabobs, but have you ever seen flexible kabobs? These skewers bend to any shape you want, which makes them ideal for those with smaller grills -- you can fit them anywhere and cook more food at once. Again, why didn't I think of this? You get two for $14.95 from Brookstone.


recliner chair

Your grill daddy needs a break every once and a while. Your grill daddy loves his recliner. Why not bring his recliner outside? You can do just that with this portable reclining camp chair. It has adjustable arm rests, three different back positions, a padded seat and an insulated drink holder. Instead of him leaning those plastic patio chairs back so far he topples over, get your grill daddy this one from Amazon for $60.67.


remote control cooler

You will create serious BBQ Gadget Envy in all of the other guys on the block with this remote control cooler. Your guy can't leave the burgers unattended, but he wants a frosty beverage, and you are inside grabbing plates ... what's he to do? Just use the remote and bring the cooler to him. So ideal, I'm kicking myself for not coming up with this idea years ago. It holds 12 cans or bottles and even collapses for easy storage. Hammacher Schlemmer has it for $69.95.   

smore grill basket

A summertime camping delicacy no longer has to wait for that camping trip. This S'more to Love grill basket cooks s'mores anywhere, anytime. Sure, you can use it in the oven, but you can also plonk it on the grill and make 6 ooey-gooey s'mores at a time. The basket locks into place, so there's no risk of a precious yummy falling into the coals. I mean, there outta be an award for whoever thought this one up. Snatch up yours for $19.95 from Amazon.

Will you be grilling this weekend?


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