5 Tips From 'Extreme Chef' to Bring to Your Own Kitchen

Extreme ChefHold on to your pots and pans, a new cooking show is coming to your TV soon, and it's going to be extreme -- Extreme Chef, to be exact. Premiering June 30 on the Food Network, the new show promises to push chefs to their limits through a series of crazy challenges to test their adaptability and artistry ... and push everyday cooks like me into a deep depression when looking at the dull dinners we're cooking on our measly old ranges. 

But fear not, we don't have to just watch wistfully from our couches while sneering at our gleaming microwaves; we too can be extreme chefs without traipsing all over the world. Here are five ways you can be your own extreme chef to keep mealtime more interesting and challenge yourself just like they do on TV.


1. They will skin bears and rattlesnakes before cooking them; you can learn to cut up a whole chicken. Sure, buying individual pieces is easier, but it's cheaper to buy a whole chicken usually, and you'll be challenged to find uses for each of the parts. Buffalo wings, anyone?

2. They will cook a meal on a deserted island; you can cook for weeks on end based only on what's currently in your house. Dig into the back of those cupboards, clean out that freezer, you'll be amazed at what you can come up with without buying a single extra ingredient.

3. They will swim across rivers to get ingredients; you can explore local markets you may have never ventured into before. Check out the Asian market or you local Middle Eastern vendor and explore a whole host of ingredients that exist beyond your local supermarket shelves.

4. They will be challenged to cook for a block party in torrential rain; you can use your grill more. Don't let a little rain, snow, or heat keep you cooking inside. Brave the elements.

5. They promise to cook meals with a car engine as a makeshift stove; you ... can feel free to head out to your driveway and try it yourself.

Sure, you may not win the $10,000 prize (that's it?), but you will have pushed your own boundaries and hopefully come up with some creative and tasty new cuisine along the way.

Check out this trailer to see how the show might inspire you:

Will you watch Extreme Chef? How do you challenge yourself in the kitchen?

Image via YouTube

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