Your Crazy Food Dreams Decoded

sausageYou're at a large banquet devouring hamburgers and strawberries and cake. Life is good. But then -- the strawberries are suddenly spoiled! Why? And then a giant sausage starts chasing you around the table. People are throwing food and spilling milk and soon you're swept away in a giant milk flood. What does it all mean?

You've been dreaming about food again, haven't you? Don't worry, it happens to all of us. Are your food dreams trying to tell you something -- besides that you're hungry? Keep reading to find the secrets of edible dreams.


We're consulting the experts here, including SmartGirl's Dream Dictionary and Glamour Magazine's Dream Dictionary.

In general, happy dreams about eating mean you're satisfied in your relationship. Same goes with food -- if you have a positive dream about any food, it usually means you're feeling satisfied with life or that you're enjoying good health.

Eating strawberries means you're happy in your love life. Artichokes mean you need to be more discreet about your love life. And if you dream about eating sausage, it could mean you're a home-wrecker. Put that hot dog down now!

You would think chocolate means something erotic, but no. It just means simple contentment. Eating cake means you're feeling satisfied socially and professionally, and if you add ice cream, it means some sort of advantage or success. Eating sticky candy? You're into someone else's sticky business that doesn't concern you.  

Pineapple seems innocent enough. Eating it portends social success, which makes sense considering it's a symbol of hospitality in the waking world. But if you see it growing or being harvested, you must be on the verge of a passionate love affair.

Maybe you should cry over spilt milk, at least if it's in your dreams; it can mean that you're being overly ambitious with your plans. But if you're just drinking milk, that means you have good health.

Dreaming about beef is good for business -- unless the meat is raw or bloody. Then it means you need to keep your private affairs to yourself. (In other words, you've been over-sharing on Facebook again.)

In general, when you dream about eating vegetables, it means you need to pay more attention to your emotional needs. Asparagus means you need to think for yourself and stop being so easily influenced by others.

If you have a stressful dream about overeating and getting sick from eating, it could indicate a problem with a friend. And if you dream about being hungry, it could mean you're not getting what you need out of a relationship or you feel unappreciated.

And that sausage chasing you around the table? Being chased by food means that you're avoiding a situation for which you have strong feelings.

Of course, Freud once said sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And sometimes a sausage is just a sausage. Sometimes we dream about food because we're already thinking about food. The most useful thing I've ever learned about dreaming is that it's the mind's way of practicing what we've learned during our waking hours. And nightmares are dress-rehearsals for stressful situations that help us for real-life stressful situations -- food-related or not.

Do you dream about food?

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