3 Hand-Held Espresso Makers More Fun Than Toys

Il TiroRaise your mug if you love design-school products -- and hate that they never seem to hit the market. The latest ooh-ahh-WANT item is this: the Espresso Gun.
Little story: I worked at a coffee shop in college, and no matter how often I ran that espresso machine, it always exploded on me. Most notably when someone told me about Lucille Ball’s death and I seemingly re-enacted some unaired episode by instantly covering myself in Italian mud. I don’t know if this single-shot maker would have saved me from that fate, but let me tell you, I would have really enjoyed dressing up in cowgirl drag and slinging this thing around the Hungarian Pastry Shop.
Tangent over: I love the idea of handheld espresso makers, and guess what! They really exist! Not that they’re all that affordable or I even get how they work, but they're allegedly more environmentally-friendly (they don't need electricity). Here are the options to make the most of the latest health craze:


MyPressi TwistThe MyPressi Twist is adorable, comes in a cheery cherry red, and can make single or double shots. It runs on teeny little nitrous cartridges, so you might want to keep them safe from teens or easily amused husbands … The cartridges run about $16 for 24 chargers and you allegedly get up to eight shots from each cartridge, so that adds only about eight cents to each cup, not too shabby.
$149.99 at Amazon

HandpressoThe Handpresso is an awesome variation -- and it’ll delight your inner 12-year-old, too. Because it doesn’t work on cartridges. It runs on muscle power: You pump it up (snick, snick) before each use. Please! If the coffee doesn’t wake you up, the pre-coffee shake-weight workout sure will!
$91.77 at Amazon


aeropressThe Aeropress is down and dirty. Well, less dirty than the Handpresso. But still: It’s cheap and runs on hand-power, though reviewers note that it takes a fair amount of effort to make your espresso with this -- similar to using a French press. In fact, I’m not quite sure how this isn’t a French press, but apparently it’s different and makes better, less bitter coffee. I'm kinda having a hard time resisting it, actually.
$21.69 at Amazon





No plugs, only a little muss and fuss, and handheld gun-like fun -- what’s not to like? If it’s still too much trouble, you can go to Starbucks and get yourself the iPhone app.
Would you love to say "your caffeine or your life" with these pistol-like coffee makers?

Images via Creative DNA Austria, Mypressi.com, Handpresso.fr, Aerobie.com

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