Lady Gaga & Starbucks Partnership Is a Bad Romance

lady gagaThe days when Starbucks tried to pretend it was a friendly neighborhood coffee shop and sold hokey collections of acoustic "coffeehouse" music on CDs are but a vague memory. Now the coffee giant is all about Lady Gaga.

It may seem like the only thing the world's most powerful celebrity (at least according to Forbes) and Starbucks have in common is that both are over-caffeinated. But, in fact, the two are teaming up for a digital scavenger hunt promoting her upcoming CD, Born This Way, across several social media outlets.

It's clear how the odd pairing is mutually beneficial: Gaga gets publicity right before her new album drops. Starbucks gets to be associated with young "trendy" music. Everyone is a winner as a result of this genius deal! Everyone, that is, except us.


Gaga's partnership with Starbucks means we'll be forced to see even more of her (if that's possible). I love the pop star as much as the next person, but before I've had my morning coffee? That might be a little much. Just because Gaga is hugely popular doesn't mean she is immune from overexposure. With the Forbes call-out, recent appearance on American Idol, and PR link-up with FarmVille, this Starbucks deal might just push her over the edge.

And, Starbucks loses any cred it still had for pairing with a celebrity just because she has a big name (and not because she in any way, shape, or form has anything to do with coffee consumption). Granted, the idea of a digital scavenger hunt across Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare is pretty cool, but it's obvious the coffee chain is trying to jump-start its image and attract a younger demographic by latching on to the Fame Monster. It'd be a better idea if it didn't reek of desperation.

Do you think a Starbucks-Lady Gaga partnership is good idea?


Image via Domain Barnyard/Flickr

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