The World Needs Gwyneth Paltrow Food Magazine (VIDEO)

gwyneth paltrow cooks on ellenIf you're one of those profoundly anti-Paltrow people who would happily picket her premieres carrying "Down with Goop" signs, you'll probably be relieved to know that the actress/chanteuse/lifestyle guru/transcendent being is not, as rumored, launching her own cooking magazine. But I actually like Gwyneth Paltrow (ouch, I can feel you tossing those virtual tomatoes at me as I type!), and I would've read her foodie mag! Because while I certainly don't have the budget to dress like Gwynnie, I can totally swing the ingredients for her fish tacos, and her kids' lunchbox ideas are uber-doable. Really, I'm not kidding!


Let's face it, if anybody "has it all together" these days, it's gotta be Gwyneth. Though I doubt she really does, either -- I loved the decidedly un-glamorous reason she gave for not launching the mythical rag: "I literally do not have time to bathe, let alone start a magazine."

Exactly! See, she's just like the rest of us working moms, too frazzled to find time for a shower and yet she still manages to feed her children all-natural homemade granola parfaits for breakfast. It doesn't matter to me whether or not she really cooks like that on a daily basis, I just like having the example to aspire to. It's encouraging to tell myself, "Just because you are wearing the same clothes you did yesterday and you're behind on work and you can't find a pair of clean matching socks for your 5-year-old doesn't mean you can't make a lovely organic dinner from scratch."

It is important to note here that I do NOT, at that point, make a lovely organic dinner from scratch. I put some lovely organic frozen mac 'n' cheese in the microwave, but it still makes me feel better to pretend I'm pulling a Paltrow.

If I thought Gwyneth was trying to be perfect on purpose, I'd want to take her Duck Ragout and shove it ... someplace. But I think she does have a sincere interest in health and good food and blah blah blah that gets obscured by the bazillions of dollars, blockbuster films, and hottie husband.

I don't torment myself poring over fashions I'll never be able to afford, but food I can cook? That's at least an attainable goal, even if I never get there.

Have you tried any of Gwyneth Paltrow's recipes?


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