Gwyneth Paltrow Cover Leaves a Bad Taste in My Mouth

bon appetit gwenythLet me preface this post by saying I love Gwyneth. Loved her in that pink Oscar dress. Dragged some poor soul to see Country Strong. Subscribed to Goop. But when I saw her on the cover of June's Bon Appetit, I got that feeling a kid gets when mom plops down peas for the fourth night in a row. Gwyneth again?

But it's not just Gwyneth Overload (that's a whole other post) that made me sigh with disappointment. It was the fact that Bon Appetit was denying me of one of the few pleasures of standing in the grocery store checkout line: food porn. It seems like the new editor of the mag is trying to make it more like all the other mags on the market by plastering a celeb on the cover.

Note to new editor: I don't want to see Sofia Vergara holding a bundt cake (or whatever). I just want to see a perfectly shot bundt cake, dripping with gooey icing, that makes me want to lick glossy paper right then and there. In front of everyone. Even the cute guy behind me buying ice cream and wine.


I understand where this new editor is coming from -- celebs sell magazines. Lady Gaga grilling summer kebabs would probably get someone who normally wouldn't buy a food mag to buy a food mag. But is Bon Appetit alienating its loyal, long-time readers by doing so?

My foodie friends don't subscribe to food mags because they want to read an interview with that guy from Vampire Diaries on how he likes his steak (rare, duh). They want food porn. Preferably, food porn with recipes, too.

Judging by some of the comments on Bon Appetit's site, so do others. "Food belongs on the cover of food magazines. sad to see this magazine losing its focus. i'm saying good by, will not be spending my money on this magazine any longer," wrote one (former?) reader. "Very disappointed to see GP on the cover. I could care less what celebrities think!" wrote another.

Time will tell if replacing food porn with celebs on mag covers is successful -- I'm not gonna lie and say I don't think Jake Gyllenhaal and pancakes are a winning combination -- but I gotta say I prefer my celebs on my celeb mags and my food on my food mags.

Gwyneth -- sweet, delightful Gwyneth -- you're good at acting and singing. But making me want to eat pasta? Not so much.

What do you think of food mags putting celebs on the cover?


Image via Bon Appetit

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