'Relaxation' Brownie Ban Would Be a Buzz Kill

lazy cakesFinally! A food manufacturer has brought to market a baked good that helps people chill out! No, no, it's not what you're thinking, I swear. These aren't the kind of baked goods you can find only at special dispensaries in Northern California or in "cafes" in Amsterdam. Lazy Cakes, brownies spiked with melatonin (a hormone our brains produce at night to help us drift off to sleep) and packaged with the tagline "relaxation baked in," are totes legal. They've been on sale for about six months and have sold millions nationwide. (Proving once and for all that we're all stress mess insomniacs -- yay!)

But now, some buzz kill legislators in Massachusetts want to do away with the snooze-supportive snack.


The two Massachusetts mayors are angry, because they say the brownies are marketed to kiddos. They cite as proof an incident from January, in which a 15-year-old gave his 2-year-old sibling a small piece of a Lazy Cake, and the toddler then "began slipping" and had to lie down. In the end, he was completely fine.

Sure, that situation is worrisome, but it seems more like the result of the cake not being properly stored. It doesn't change my mind that Lazy Cakes seem -- for the most part -- like good, clean, bedtime snack fun for adults ... probably. I will say that there seems to be a couple of things the manufacturers of the mellowing cake could stand to "edit," if you will ...

Like maybe the psychedelic packaging that makes it seem like you're buying something that will have you tripping. Also, they could should dial back the melatonin dose in the brownies. Each Lazy Cake contains EIGHT milligrams of melatonin, which is significantly more than the recommended 1 to 3 milligrams of melatonin an hour before bedtime for insomniacs. Obviously that's taking more than necessary to just "relax," and there could be some serious consequences in people who aren't accustomed to the supplement.

But ultimately, I don't see a problem with Lazy Cakes! We consume so much crap to be hyped up all the damn time, so we can work work work. We guzzle Dunkin' Donuts Turbos, Monsters, Five Hour Energies, Red Bulls, and God knows what else to stay awake, stay alert, stay UP. But along comes a little cake to satiate someone's sweet tooth and help them sleep, and oh NO, it's too much! Pffft. Gimme a break. You know, these people who have a problem with the concept of Lazy Cakes are probably the best candidates for a chill pill!

Do you think Lazy Cakes should stay on shelves as-is, get reformulated, or be banned?


Image via MyLazyCakes.com

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